Hier zijn ze  dan  … de nieuwe singles van week 36 2023

Lori Hardman
“It’s goin down”
(L.Hardman – R.Hammerstrom)
Label            Hammerstrom records


Hurricane Highway
Between a father and a son
(Kevin Rowe, Jack Dickinson)
Label          Kick Ass Music
Country     Ireland
Genre        Country


A Horse with no name
(Rob Hardt Burning Sun Mix)
(Bunnell, Dewey)
Label          Sed SoulDance Records

Johnny & the Dodgers
Girl in the wood
( Gilkyson, Terry; Gilkyson, Neal; Gilkyson, Stewart )
ISRC       FITMO2200004
Label          Johnny and the Dodgers
Country     Finland  


Hickory Hank
West Virginia Moutains
(M.Tijsterman – Hickory Hank)
Country        Netherlands
Label            Treehouse Records

Terry Newman Project
Label     Melodic Revolution Records  Florida USA
Country    Netherlands 

George Finizio
I’m waiting for a ray of sunshine
Country        United States
Label            Majestic Sound

Maini Sorri
Please go away
( .Sorri  – Cornman )
Country        Sweden  

Artiest: Christian Keyes
Album: So Sweet
Uitgebracht op: 2011


Artiest: Dante Hawkins
Album: Come Fuck Wit Ya Boy Tonight
Uitgebracht op: 2023

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