Oldskool Boyz – Monkey Business

With this single they want to indicate that “Monkey Business” / Dirty business (drug business) will always be overtaken and that you will be heavily fined or often even imprisoned and will have to spend years in jail.

So do Clean Business and earn your money the honest way, not breaking any laws.

They also want to point out to the youth that Drug matters are NEVER good, both for your body and health and for your position in society, 

because looking for a job or a decent relationship (without drugs) is very difficult when you are involved in drug casesĀ 

(except for the police, who are in extra danger against these “crazy people”)

Label:            D-Core Records

Copyright:     D-Core Records

UPC/EAN:     8719884112076

ISRC: single: NL8QQ2300009

     extended: NL8QQ2300010

Release:        2023 June 29


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